MASB – Michigan Assoc of School Boards

Contact:  Don Wotruba (517) 327-5900

Campaign: Get on Board


The Michigan Association of School Boards has launched the Get on Board campaign to increase interest in serving on a board of education.  The campaign will focus on encouraging people to give back to the community and to help advocate for an improve student achievement.

“We need civic-minded, student-focused individuals to serve on school boards,” said MASB Executive Director Don Wotruba.  “During the past several years, we have seen a significant drop-off in the amount of people interested in running for a board of education seat.  This work is too important to have seats go unfilled.”

In the last school board election in 2014, nearly 10% of the available seats weren’t filled for at the filing deadline.  MASB commissioned a poll through EPIC-MRA in March 2015 to find out why there wasn’t more interest in school board service.

The poll found that 27% thought school boards were too political, 22% were apathetic, 15% said the time commitment was too great.  14% believe school boards are ineffective, 13% were’t aware of any openings on their local board and the remaining 9% were undecided.

“Those were eye-opening numbers for us,” Wotruba said.  “This campaign will help us to stress the importance of service and why folks should get involved rather than sitting on the sidelines.”

To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of board members, visit  Materials for the Get on Board Campaign can be found at  If you’re interested in board service, contact MASB for more information at 517-327-5900.