(1/4/21):  Financial Help for Michigan Radio & TV Stations – Read here
(11/18/20): New Emergency Order effective 11/21/20 – Read here
(11/15/20): MDHHS Emergency Order effective 11/18/20 – Read here
(12/7/20): Extension of Emergency Order until 12/20/20 – Read here


MIOSHA Webinar on order, focusing on employer requirements:

Infographic on order:

(10/9/20):  MDHHS Epidemic Order – Download  (10/9/20): MDHHS Epidemic Order 1 – Download

(10/6/20): MDHHS issues Emergency Order designed to protect the health and safety of all Michiganders following Michigan Supreme Court decision on October 2, that invalidated COVID-19 related executive orders.
Read more here

Click Here for PSAs

Media News Related to Coronavirus:

  • Broadcasting & Cable: (3/16/20) “Media Usage Expected to Rise During Crisis: Nielsen”  Read here
  • Nielsen: (3/26/20) “Radio is ‘Comfort Food’ as Media Consumption Rises Amid COVID-19 Pandemic” Read here
  • Inside Radio: (3/30/20) “Study: Radio Listening Up Across All Dayparts During Pandemic” Read here
  • Broadcasting & Cable: (4/10/20) “How TV Station Marketers Are Tackling the Coronavirus Challenge” Read here
  • Your MAB (5/8/20): “COVID-19 is Challenging Media Plans. Why Brands Should Advertise” Read here

Coronavirus and Your Station:

  • Station Operations During Stay at Home: Employees involved in the on-air, news, production and technical positions of your operation who need to perform their tasks at your facilities to keep the public informed should be able to continue to work. Read more here
  • David Oxenford: “Essential Planning for Broadcasters Facing Coronavirus Restrictions on Access to Facilities and News Events”  Read here.
  1. Supplies: You need to have adequate supplies of cleaning materials to keep your station as safe as possible for employees.
  2. Cross training/working from home: In case your employees are exposed, and need to be quarantined, you may want to evaluate who could help cover their workload while they are out, as well as having computers or other equipment to allow them to work from home.
  3. Employees: You may want to review with your corporation the leave policy in case someone is required to self quarantine at home, or has become infected with the virus. In addition, you may want to consider policies for employees who have school aged children in case their school is closed, and they will need to be able to take care of their children.
  4. Employees:  From ADP: “New Federal Paid Leave Law for COVID-19: What You Need to Know” Read here
  5. Access to Facilities:  Department of Homeland Security CISA Access Letter here  November, 2020 Addendum/Update here
  6. Public access to studios:  Read David Oxenford’s article (3/17/20) “FCC’s 2018 Abolition of Main Studio Rules Means Broadcast Studios Do Not Need to Be Open to the Public During Coronavirus Outbreak”  Read here
  7. Sales and clients:  Review this video for sales management from Mark Levy, CRME, President, Revenue Development Resources, Inc
  8. Programming: Read (for your radio station) “19 Ideas To Talk About On The Air” from Chuck Knight Media (via RadioInk).  Read here.

Broadcast News Reporting Guidance:

  • Poynter’s Al Tomkins: (3/4/20) “How Newsrooms Can Tone Down Their Coronavirus Coverage While Still Reporting Responsibly.”  Read here.
  • Poynter article: (3/4/20) “AP Stylebook Tips on the Coronavirus.”  Read here.
  • Poynter article: (3/13/20) “The Journalism on Display Throughout the Coronavirus Story This Week has been Nothing Short of Spectacular.” Read here.

Coronavirus Information Resources:

  • State of Michigan Website on Coronavirus, including stats, press releases and more.  Access here.
  • State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Interim Recommendations for COVID-19 Community Mitigation Strategies.  Access here.
  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Communication Resources (including video, fact sheets, and posters).  Access here.
  • CDC Real Time COVID-19 Situation SummaryAccess here.
  • National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIA) Resource page on Coronavirus.  Access here.
  • United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams contact page.  Access here.
  • National Jewish Health Coronavirus Information & Resources, includes travel tips, myth busting and more.  Access here.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer:

NAB Coronavirus Response Tool Kit:

  • Including PSAs, station operation resources and editorial guidelines. Access here.


Back to Work Safely

  • Your MAB: (6/2/20) “MAB Station Reopening Under Michigan COVID 19 Executive Orders 6-2-20” Read here
  • Your MAB: (6/2/20) “Executive Order Requirements for Resumption of Office Work” Read here
  • Your MAB: (6/2/20) “Executive Order Requirements for Technicians and Engineers (Manufacturing Stds)” Read here
  • “Michigan Safe Start Regional Map” Read here

Staying In Business

  • Your MAB: (5/8/20) “Broadcasters Foundation of America to Pay Record Number of Grants This Year; Announces COVID-19 Emergency Grants” Read here
  • Your MAB: (4/14/20) “Governor’s Executive Order and Effect on Advertising” Read here
  • InsideRadio: (4/14/20) “Senators Back Effort To Provide Federal Aid To Radio And Other Local Media” Read here
  • Your MAB: (3/27/20) “Congress Passes Stimulus Bill that Includes Relief for Broadcasters” Read here

Public Service Announcements


NEW 5/19/20: 30 Second Governor Gretchen Whitmer PSA Preview below;
Download high-quality captioned version here

15 Second PSA Scripts for Live Reads/Local Production here

Produced 15 Second Television PSAs:

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